Here you will find all the components you need for a CubeSat ADCS

We offer a computer, sensors and actuators that all conform to the CubeSat design standard and offer maximum compatibility with other CubeSat suppliers. All of our components have a wide range of customization options ensuring compatibility with your satellite. Please explore our components below.

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CubeComputer is an ultra low-power CubeSat OBC. The module was designed with robustness, simplicity and efficiency in mind.

CubeSense is a high accuracy, low-power optical attitude sensor. The module contains two CMOS cameras which can be configured as a Sun or an Earth sensor.

CubeWheels are precision, compact reaction wheels that come in various sizes.

CubeTorquers are magnetic torquers and coils suitable for nanosatellites. These coils feature ultra-low magnetic memory cores and come standard with mounting brackets.