Low Remanence Torquers and Coils

The main method of actuating nanosatellites in LEO uses magnetic torquer rods. CubeTorquer is a nanosatellite magnetic torquer that uses a specially treated ferrous core with ultra-low remanence and high linearity.


Ultra-Low Remanence

  • When it comes to magnetic control on satellites, it is most important to remove all unwanted magnetic disturbances. One of the most common such disturbances is remanent magnetic dipoles left in parts of the satellite after a torquer has been pulsed.
  • We use a highly specialized material for the ferrous core of our rods, which we treat to give our rods ultra-low remanence.


  • In small satellites, compactness is a strong requirement. The manner in which the standard CubeSat boards are stacked makes it difficult to have three rods form a 3-Axis system.
  • We offer a low-profile air-core coil that slots into the stack between the CubeSat PCBs. In this way, we can create a very compact 3-Axis magnetic control systems.

Specifications Summary


Small Medium Large Coil
Mass 28g 36g 72g 46g
Dimensions 18x14x62mm 18x14x77mm 18x14x153mm 90x96x6mm
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C -20°C to 70°C –20°C to 70°C -20°C to 70°C
Vibration 14g RMS 14g RMS 14g RMS 14g RMS
Resistance 29 – 31 Ω 63 – 65 Ω 64 – 66 Ω 80 – 83 Ω
Max Continuous Current 150 mA 150 mA 150 mA 150 mA
Magnetic Moment @ 25°C ±0.24 Am² (2.5V) ±0.66 Am² (5V) ±1.9 Am² (5V) ±0.13 Am² (5V)
Magnetic Gain 2.8 Am²/A 8.2 Am²/A 25 Am²/A 2.1 Am²/A
Linearity (0-5V) 2.5% 2.5% 2.5% N/A