Small Satellite Reaction Wheels

CubeWheel is a satellite reaction wheel that comes in small, medium and large sizes. It includes a highly balanced flywheel disc, a brushless electrical motor, an electronic driver and a microcontroller. The wheels can be given a speed reference command through I2C, UART or CAN, and they integrate easily with any ADCS.


Balanced to Perfection

  • Each reaction wheel is individually balanced to reduce vibration.
  • The wheels are placed on a specialized machine that determines exactly where to remove mass to ensure an even distribution around the rotation axis.
  • The wheels are balanced by drilling precision holes.


  • Wheel size has an effect on the maximum slew rates the satellite can handle, the total momentum the wheels can store, and even the size of the vibrations and torque ripple on the satellite
  • There are four sizes available specifically scaled to meet the typical small satellite ADCS needs.

Tightly Integrated Electronics

  • Designed to be as modular as possible.
  • Comes with all driving and interfacing electronics integrated into a complete package.

Solid and Flexible Interfacing

  • Focused on providing a user-friendly mechanical and software interface to our CubeWheels.
  • All wheels come with coiled brass thread inserts, to provide a mounting interface that is durable and reliable under vibration.
  • Each wheel is mountable on its small or large face, providing the option to mount the wheel in all axes of your satellite.
  • The wheels are fitted with a solid 14-pin screw-down connector. This connector ensures a reliable electrical connection with the wheel even under mechanical stress.
  • The wheels are able to operate at a wide range of voltages. This makes the wheels compatible with satellites running on a battery voltage of anything between 6.5V and 18V.

Specifications Summary


Small Small + Medium Large
Mass 60g 90g 150g 225g
Dimensions 28x28x26.2mm 33.4x46x31.5mm 46x46x31.5mm 57x57x31.5mm
Operating Temperature -10°C to 60°C -10°C to 60°C -10°C to 60°C -10°C to 60°C
Vibration 14g RMS 8.9g RMS 8.9g RMS 8.9g RMS
Radiation 24kRad 24kRad 24kRad 24kRad
Supply Voltage 3V3 & 6.4-16V 3V3 & 6.4-16V 3V3 & 6.4-16V 3V3 & 6.4-16V
Average Power (2000 rpm) 150mW 190mW 190mW 350mW
Peak Power 0.65W 2.3W 2.3W 4.5W
Speed Range ±8000 ±6000 ±6000 ±6000
Momentum @ Max Speed 1.77mNms 3.6mNms 10.82mNms 30.61mNms
Max Torque 0.23mNm 2.3mNm 1mNm 2.3mNm
Static Imbalance <0.003 g·cm <0.004 g·cm <0.004 g·cm <0.006 g·cm
Dynamic Inbalance <0.005 g·cm² <0.014 g·cm² <0.014 g·cm² <0.05 g·cm²