Nanosatellite OBC

The pure magnetic ADCS unit is typically used in 1U satellites, but is not limited to them. In these satellites accurate pointing is rarely a requirement and space is very limited. This ADCS unit provides a robust, compact unit to get a 1U satellite from its initial random tumble, to a controlled slow spin. As space is typically very limited in such a 1U mission, the OBC of the ADCS unit can be unlocked to act as both ADCS and main OBC.


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The standard components included in this bundle are:

  • CubeComputerRadiation tolerant OBC
  • CubeControl: Sensor and actuator interface board + 3-axis gyro
  • 10x Coarse Sun Sensors: Sun-sensitive photodiodes
  • 2x CubeTorquer Rods + 1x CubeTorquer Coil
  • 1x CubeMag: Deployable 3-Axis magnetometer
  • Compiled Magnetic ADCS Control Program (ACP): Program running on CubeComputer

Optional extras include:

  • Redundant magnetometer: Non-deployable
  • Software Support: Hourly support for custom firmware

Typical Application:

The following controllers are included in the magnetic ADCS:

  • B-Dot: Damps X and Z-rates
  • Y-Spin: Controls to a reference spin in the orbital plane

The typical ADCS capabilities of the satellite would be: