Here you can choose from our three standard CubeADCS bundles

We have three standard ADCS offerings. Every solution is further customizable to suit your requirements.

Our simplest ADCS offering. Perfect for missions requiring basic detumbling and spin control.

Our best-selling ADCS unit. The most compact and robust way to 3-axis stabilize a CubeSat.

Our full suite of sensors and actuators suitable for missions that require high accuracy 3-axis pointing.

Make your own CubeADCS unit

If our standard offerings do not fit your requirements, even with the customization options, contact us regarding a unique, custom CubeADCS unit.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our number one priority is to fully meet the needs of our clients. If one of our standard options do not solve your ADCS problem, contact us to discuss a fully customized ADCS unit. We will try to propose a solution that meets your requirements using our standard components. In this way we will try to keep the solution as simple as possible, to minimize costs and keep the pricing comparable with the standard options. Displayed below are some of the custom ADCS units we have previously¬† built. ‚Äč

E-mail us at – we can help you find the right ADCS.